Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Calgary)

UWAC – Calgary

June 21, 2012  by UWAC Publish

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada

Olga Basarab Branch – Calgary.

Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, is a component member of the Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada, together voluntarily contributing to the wellbeing of the Ukrainian Canadian, as well as Ukrainian Orthodox and Orthodox communities here and elsewhere.

UWAC Calgary, Olga Basarab Branch, Calgary is part of this national organization ( rooted in ensuring the wellness of our Ukrainian Canadian Community.  Our UWAC Branch in Calgary is an essential partner in service at St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Congregation (

Calgary UWAC general meetings are held monthly at St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre on 404 Meredith Road NE Calgary, either on a Sunday after the Liturgy, or on a Monday (joining our local branch of TYC – men’s club – Ukrainian Self Reliance Association for supper first) evening.

Information about UWAC events is available in the cultural centre. To contact a member of the UWAC Executive, call St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre at 403-264-3437 or email (

A lay women’s group, UWAC Calgary has broad-based, public impact,  partaking and administering, producing, teaching, museum-touring through the Calgary Collection of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada (, receiving and sharing God’s Grace.

Our group voluntarily contributes to fellowship coffee service after every Sunday liturgy service. Leadership in heritage kitchen sales, Feast Day Dinners; teachers and mentors for cultural/linguistic/educational/programs leaders, UWAC delivers valued service to the community. Casino Fundraisers enable UWAC to help support the cultural center. UWAC’s philanthropy enriches the lives of women in need, through support to our shelters and orphanages. UWAC promotes the Ukrainian idea to the public through participation in the annual Calgary Ukrainian Festival (, and provides support for quality programs for preschoolers (, young children , teens (CYMK – Ukrainian Orthodox Youth, summer camps and youth programs (, adults and the public.

UWAC Calgary are friends, family and the ‘heart’ of our faith community.  We share values and aspirations, and a beautiful national organization where there is a place for women of all ages.  It is our mission to help our women feel belonging in a wholesome, balanced, healthy, productive and loving supportive group.