Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Calgary)

Introduction to the Online Project-

June 21, 2012  by UWAC Publish

Welcome to a unique online experience!

The Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (UWAC)-Calgary Branch is excited to enlist you, a great collaborative community, to record the history of its 80 year journey thus far.  The Calgary UWAC Archives holds a variety of documents, yet the stories themselves remain to be written.  As a service to the community, this social media process is enabling efficient acess to this archival treasure chest in order to help its multiple voices speak.  This legacy gift is an everlasting tribute and record of accomplishments of those women who built and sustained Calgary’s UWAC community during last 8 decades and more. UWAC Calgary graciously invites you to collaborate with us (write in the comments box often!) to  help share the story of this remarkable organization’s service to the community.

Though Calgary’s UWAC began its existance materially poor, the members themselves were rich in cultural knowledge and spiritual traditions. Memories of hope, empowerment, joy, personal growth, personal sacrifice, prayer, sorrow,  teaching and learning, sorrowing and praying, debating contentious issues, forgiveness and Christian Sisterhood, these all come with stories.

This will be UWAC Calgary’s story, written with love.  To the members of Calgary UWAC goes all the recognition, praise and gratitude for the gifts of time, talent and treasure they were so willing to share in shaping the future.  We (the history project committee) hope these pages will capture their unselfish generosity of spirit!

The past is a rich and relatively untapped resource that has much to offer us in the present, and a key to massive potential opportunities in the future!  UWAC Calgary welcomes you to this unique story-writing experience – “If our UWAC-Calgary Archives Could Speak”!

Anna-Marie Koszarycz (Committee Chair)

Jean Mekitiak (Museum liason)

Olga Boykiw (Branch Archivist)

Theresa Klepak (Finance)

Olga Kurczaba (Senior Advisor)

Christie Teterenko (Archivist Advisor)

Ethel Tacey/Maryann Kowalsky (Branch Co-Presidents 2012)