Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Calgary)

About Us

June 21, 2012  by UWAC_AD

About Us

We go by many names:

  • Ukrainian Woman’s Association of Canada, Olha Basarabova Branch, Calgary
  • UWAC
  • St. Vladimir Ukrainian Woman’s Association of Canada

The Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada was founded in 1926 , in a period when women were beginning to organize themselves for effective community action. Looking beyond the already extant charitable societies, garden clubs, music and literary clubs, and missionary societies, these Ukrainian Canadian women saw the need for an articulated expression of common values.   This organization would take its example from the International Women’s Movement (Washington 1888) and similar ventures in Ukraine, working to improve the status of women, the welfare of children, the family and community.  Already existing Ukrainian Women’s groups across Canada saw this as an opportunity for a united, effective voice, addressing issues of mutual concern.  The largest national organization of women, Ukrainian by heritage or adherency, and Orthodox by faith, UWAC is an exemplary case in point of where advocacy and faith are action words.

UWAC is Canadian in democratic structure, reflecting member needs and opinions on a variety of issues.  Resolutions are presented to Provincial and National Conventions (since 1926), as well as Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada National Conventions. The motto of all USRL organizations is “self reliance, self determination, self initiative”. With representation on the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (, UWAC speaks to Ukrainian Canadian issues.  As members of the National Council of Women of Canada (a non-governmental organization- ) UWAC works to improve the lives of women, children and communities in Canada.

UWAC strives to be responsive to community needs and as an integral part of the Ukrainian Self Reliance League of Canada, to ensure the wellbeing of the Ukrainian community in Canada, especially through its spiritual home in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (