Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Calgary)

Nation Builders

June 28, 2012  by UWAC Publish

Remembering the many Ukrainian immigrants who settled in Canada some 120 years ago, attained their citizenship and were nation builders from that time on, we honor their achievements, and the role they played with their families and succeeding generations in making Canada a great country in which to live and thrive.

In the famous words of Lord Tweedsmuir, the Governer General of Canada, which he expressed at a Ukrainian gathering in Manitoba on September 21, 1936:

“The Ukrainian element is a very valuable contribution to our new Canada…..You have accepted the duties and loyalties as you have acquired the privileges of Canadian citizens, but I want you also to remember your Ukrainian traditions – your beautiful handicrafts, your folksongs and dances and your folk legends.  I do not believe that any people can be strong unless they remember and keep in touch with all their past.  Your traditions are all valuable contributions towards our Canadian culture which cannot be a copy of any one old thing – it must be a new thing created by the contributions of all the elements that make up the nation.”